Friday 24 January 2014

Sampler in Blue...

When I told you about the books I received the other day, I should perhaps have mentioned that I also ordered (from Coast and Country Crafts) a very pretty pattern by Gail Pan called 'Sampler in Blue'.

I have cut some background fabric and, using the window as a light box, have traced the pattern onto the fabric ready to stitch.

I thought I would embroider it using some variegated silk thread that I have had in my possession for a little while now.

I ordered the thread from Stef Francis. She produces lots of beautiful, hand-dyed threads and I love the colours.  It does mean that my sampler may not be completely 'blue' but I don't think it will matter!

I have it all hooped up and it is ready to start now and, I have narrowed the choice of threads to one of these three skeins which all contain a generous amount of blue in them.

Can't wait to get stitching and also to see it finished!! I think my sampler will be a 'Sampler in bluey-teal'!


  1. Love the design, and the beautiful thread you have chosen Christine. Can't wait to see the finished sampler...or your work-in-progress. Am certain the variegated thread will add a really wonderful touch! Happy stitching.

    1. Thank you Chrislyn. I'm looking forward to working on it. The silk threads are lovely to sew with!

  2. It looks lovely. I think it will be really pretty when you have done it xx

    1. Thanks Janet! I'm looking forward to having the time to work on it!!


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