Monday 20 January 2014


Hello, sorry it has been a little while since I was here but, I have been away in England returning my youngest daughter to university and visiting family. Apart from seeing family, one of the things I like best about travelling is the opportunity to pick up magazines that I am not able to get hold of here in Switzerland. Well, you need to have something to read on the flight don't you?!

Actually, these first two magazines 'Cadeaux' and 'Sabrina Patchwork' both of which are published by Dynapresse in Switzerland, I bought on the way to the airport in Geneva. So, I had something nice to read on the outward flight.

Then in England I was able to collect a number of very nice magazines: Stitch, Simply Crochet, Mollie Makes and Popular Patchwork. I enjoyed reading them in quiet moments during my stay and, on the flight back. They have given me a lot of ideas for forthcoming needlecraft projects. 

Now I just have to get my suitcases unpacked and my washing sorted so that I have time to get started!!

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