Monday 26 May 2014

Ruby Cottage Cushion

Over the last couple of days, I have had time to make up the sweet little 'Ruby Cottage' embroidery I finished last week into the cushion that I wanted.  You may recall that the 'Ruby Cottage' pattern was designed by Gail Pan and, gives instructions for you to make the embroidery up into a small wall hanging.

However, I wanted to use the embroidery to make a new cushion.  I decided not to follow the pattern exactly for finishing off.  Instead, I chose to use scraps of the same fabrics that I had used to make this 'heart' cushion some while ago.  That way I knew the two cushions would really coordinate together well.

I trimmed off the embroidery to make an eight inch square.  I then searched through my scrap fabrics for pieces of the same fabric that I had used for the first cushion.

I managed to find just enough for what I wanted to do.

I used the embroidery to form the centre square of a 'courthouse steps' block which I made large enough to use as the front of the cushion. (approximately 16 inches square). When I had finished piecing the block I pressed it well and laid it onto some batting so that I could quilt in the ditch around each border added to the central square.  I tidied up the loose ends and trimmed off the batting to match the front of the cushion.  I also added a few buttons to give a little extra dimension.

I also decided to add a few buttons to the heart cushion to further tie the style of the cushions together. I finished off the new cushion by making an envelope style backing.

I am really pleased with my new cushion and I love how well it coordinates with the one I had already made.   


  1. They both look great - I love the colour scheme! It's really nice when you can get something new to co-ordinate so very with something older xx

    1. Thank you Janet! I'm pleased with how they look in the house :)

  2. Fantastic work, once again. Love the colors, and the design! Sunshine.

  3. The cushions are really beautiful! :) I love the colors.


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