Friday 30 May 2014

Week Four: FMQ Practice Samplers

I haven't done quite so much free motion quilting practice this week as I have been working on some of my other projects.  I did have time to practise two new techniques which I learned from the Craftsy Class: Start Free Motion Quilting which is taught by Elizabeth Dackson.

The first is called 'Clamshell Loop'

and the second is called 'Pulley'

I have also done some practice stitches on a pieced sampler, combining a few of the different techniques I have been learning.

Tucked away in a bag in one of my scrap fabric boxes I found a number of pieced quilt blocks which I had obviously put together and then ended up not using for whatever reason.  I decided that they were just perfect to make into quilt sandwiches and use to practise my FMQ stitches.  I layered the first one up and started stitching.  It is actually a little easier to see the stitching from the back.

I was so pleased with it that I decided to bind it and use it as a little table mat.  Luckily I had been quite generous with the backing fabric so I didn't bind the mat as I would a traditional quilt, I just trimmed the backing one inch larger than the top (0.5 inch larger than the batting) and used it to self bind it.  I am thrilled with how the FMQ stitches (not perfect but not bad either!) turned out and, that I now have a new mat to use in the house!!


  1. I thought I'd left a comment yesterday! I think it is exciting to be trying new things out!

    1. It is exciting to try out new techniques and, I'm pleased with how well it is working out. My previous attempts haven't been very successful! :)


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