Monday 19 May 2014

Week Three: FMQ Practice Samplers!

Hello! Here is the latest update of my free motion quilting progress.  I practised a different FMQ stitch each day last week and here is how it went. Each of the stitches I practised came from the Craftsy class, 'Start Free Motion Quilting' taught by Elizabeth Dackson. Elizabeth also has a lovely blog where she shares advice on her free motion quilting techniques called 'Don't Call Me Betsy'.

Monday: Stippling and Loopy Stippling:

Tuesday: Loopy Flowers:

Wednesday: Woodgrain:

Thursday: Circuit Board:

Friday: Linear L:

Saturday: Wishbone:

Sunday: day of rest!!

I am really pleased with how things are going.  Of course, the stitching isn't perfect and a LOT more practice is needed but, I can see and feel improvements. So far, I feel that I am keeping on top of things and, that with some more practice, at long last I may even be able to achieve my goal of being able to FMQ to a reasonable standard. I just have to keep practising!!


  1. Tres cool! Sunshine and Love

  2. How exciting to be trying something new! I like the loopy flowers best xx


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