Monday 14 July 2014

New magazines....

Hello! I don't have any sewing or crochet projects to show you today as I haven't had much time for sewing or crochet this weekend! It was a busy but fun weekend as we travelled to see my Mum and Dad and joined other family members to celebrate my Dad's 80th birthday.  It was lovely to see everyone, especially those that we only see now and again.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves which was really nice.

Mollie Makes Issue 41

As I have been busy, I haven't had the chance to show you these two lovely magazines which I bought recently. Actually, I haven't had time to read them yet either!!  Maybe this week...?  As I have had them sitting here a little while, I have to tell you they may not be the latest editions but, I can tell you they do have lots of fun creative projects in them!

Prima Makes Issue 3

It is a lovely sunny day here today and I hope you are enjoying some sunshine wherever you are too!!


  1. Oooh I do love craft magazines too Christine! These look fabulous-I love diving in and just want to make everything! Your family weekend sounds lovely-I do hope your father had a wonderful celebration of his special day, Alison xx

    1. Hello Alison... me too... I always want to make everything but then just don't have the time! My Dad had a great time thank you! Hope you are enjoying some Cornish sunshine! xx

  2. How lovely for everyone to get together to celebrate with your Dad - Happy Birthday to him!
    Molly Makes usually has some great projects and the Prima Makes looks very interesting too - these mags take ages to come to us over here but I did notice Issue 2 of Prima in the local newsagents last week: I always have so much trouble choosing which mag to buy :) Enjoy them when you get around to reading them, they may keep you busy for a while Christine! xoJoy

    1. Thank you Joy! I know exactly what you mean about choosing which magazine to buy! I usually end up coming out of the shop with more than I went in with! Then, I love all the projects and want to make everything but just don't have the time!! They are lovely to look through though ans just draw creative inspiration! xx


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