Thursday, 11 September 2014

Tea Cosy Update

The last few days have been busy and the coming few days will be busy also, as I am driving my daughter back to university.  This means that there has not been much time for sewing. However, I have made some progress on my rediscovered tea cosy.

I have managed to get the other side completed and have woven in all the yarn ends (which is a very time-consuming job!) I have now started work on the crocheted bee embellishments.  

The two below need some wings and then three more complete bees need to be made. Once they are ready they will be stitched onto the two sides of the tea cosy and then the sides will be stitched together.

This cute little cosy was a Debbie Mumm design.  I bought the kit many years ago and I am keen to finally get it finished off.  Fingers crossed there is time to get it finished this coming weekend!!


  1. I am looking forward to seeing this finished - It is looking good so far! I hope things calm down again once everyone is settled xx

    1. Thanks Janet! Hopefully I'll get back to 'normal' next week!! :) x

  2. What a gorgeous tea cosy Christine! It reminds me of a little pottery jar my mum used to have for honey, with little bees on like this. The crochet bees are so cute! A lovely country cottage design and lovely to finish off a project that you started before.
    I hope you enjoy the trip taking your daughter back, how quickly the summer has gone!
    Alison xx

    1. Thank you Alison! Yes, the Summer has flown past! I have a long drive now but it should be a nice weekend! Hope you have a nice weekend too! xx


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