Friday 31 October 2014

Some mug rugs in the post....

Today I have some very beautiful mug rugs to share with you which arrived in the post this morning. As you may be aware, I recently participated in a mug rug swap organised by The Quilting Gallery which started in September.  I made two mug rugs to send to my partner, Denise, and she made two to send to me and, they have just arrived!! They have travelled all the way from Oklahoma in the USA here to the UK.

Denise has done an absolutely brilliant job stitching the mug rugs and, I will treasure them!! They are beautiful colours which I love!

I particularly like all the little extra details Denise included such as the little red beads which look like apples on the trees, the extra butterflies and the sun.  I also like that Denise made labels for the back of the mug rugs... I didn't think to do that with the ones I sent... but, it means that I will always remember who lovingly stitched them for me.

I was also very lucky as Denise included some extras in the parcel with the mug rugs and I particularly love the pretty little purse that she made and sent which I will also treasure.

It has really been fun getting to know Denise and it will also be fun to keep in touch. I have really enjoyed participating in the swap and, I will definitely consider joining in with another one!

Happy Hallowe'en to you all and have a lovely weekend!!


  1. How lovely! What a wonderful parcel to receive!

    1. Thank you Janet! It was a lovely parcel... I really enjoyed the swap! :) xx

  2. What a lovely swap - the mug rugs you received are just wonderful plus an extra special surprise purse , very lucky girl :)

    1. Hello Dawn! It was a lovely swap and I really enjoyed participating! :) Looking forward to something else now!! xx


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