Monday 20 October 2014

Weekend sewing.....

How was your weekend?  Mine was really nice.  On Saturday we met up with family and friends for a lunch out at the St Moritz Swiss restaurant in Wardour Street in central London. It was a real taste of Switzerland and brought back fond memories of the mountains.

On Sunday, I also had some sewing time and, managed to get some cute little projects finished.  I made some little egg cosies to match the tea cosy I made recently.

I appliqued a flower/heart to the piece of fabric for the front of the egg cosy, finishing it with a small machine zig-zag stitch.  The fabrics I used were Tilda.  I think they look really cute sitting on their egg cups!!

I also stitched up a small fabric basket.  For this I basically machine stitched fabric (Tilda) scraps to a piece of background batting.  I then made it into a basket by sewing the two shorter sides together to form a tube.  Moved the seam to the back and stitched across the bottom and then squared off the two bottom corners.  The same was done to a piece of lining fabric and the two then joined together by sitting the outside inside the lining (right sides together) and stitching round the top edge.  It was then turned the right way out and the lining pushed down into the basket.  The top edge was then turned back down over the top edge to form a rim.  

I decided it might look nice to add a piece of ribbon to the rim, so I cut a small piece of ribbon and appliqued it in place.  I am pleased with how it has turned out.

Hope you all had a nice weekend and, have a lovely week!! x


  1. Love the little egg covers, so cute. Your little bag will come in very handy and what a great way to use up those beautiful Tilda scraps. i can't believe how much you make each week - you put me to shame, lucky lady.

    1. Thank you Dawn! I have been very productive recently... I think I may have to slow down though.... been staying up too late and getting tired!! :) x

  2. The little egg covers and the basket are so lovely, Christine!!!
    I love St Moritz - it's a very fantastic place!!

    1. Thank you Deborah! You always send me such kind comments! I have never actually been to St Moritz but, I do know other parts of Switzerland, so I am sure it is beautiful!! Have a lovely week! :) x


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