Sunday 22 January 2017

Continuing to improve my Free Motion Quilting.....

A skill that I am very keen to keep improving in 2017 is my free motion quilting. I was so excited to finally feel that I had mastered this technique last year and, I am equally excited to continue to improve on what I have learned so far.

The compositions here are framed (top left); diagonal (top right);
medallion (bottom left) and grid (bottom right)

If you follow my blog, you will know that I have followed several Craftsy Classes by Lori Kennedy.  At the end of one of these classes Lori sets a challenge for you to complete six mini quilts using different quilt compositions.  At the end of last year I had completed four of the six different compositions (shown above) and, to keep up with my FMQ practise, I have now completed the last two.

This little quilt is an example of a vertical/horizontal composition and the different motifs quilted include the sun, a boat, some waves, pebbles and seashells.

The last little quilt is an example of a radiating composition and the motifs used are spiral flowers.

Lori has tutorials for the majority of the motifs I have mentioned above on her blog, 'The Inbox Jaunt' if you would like to try them for yourself! 


  1. Kudos for wanting to increase your skills even more! Your samples look perfect.

  2. These all look lovely, you have certainly got the hang of FMQ now! xx

  3. wow Christine these are so gorgeous,you have done so well,they are amazing my friend xx

  4. Love them! Saw the ocean one and thought oh, that'll be my favourite...then scrolled down and oh, that's my favourite too!! Ha...they are both gorgeous!

  5. I really like what you create!

  6. You have done an amazing job with these! The flowers on the last one are really sweet. Have a nice week, Ariadna.

  7. Wow these look AMAZING!! This is something I really want to try at some point but have no idea where to even start!!

  8. These are definitely not samples - they're pieces of art!

  9. Liebe Christine,
    wow, ich bin richtig beeindruckt!!!
    Ich kann es richtig gut verstehen das du bei solchen Kunstwerken weiter am Ball bleiben möchtest. Was hast du eigentlich für eine Nähmaschine? Die muss ja schließlich auch einiges leisten.
    Liebe Grüße

  10. Looking great! Practice makes perfect!


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