Sunday 29 January 2017

A wonderful workshop.....

What an exciting week it has been the past week.  It started like any other but then on Tuesday I headed up to Norfolk for a visit with my parents.  It was lovely to see them and, it was while I was visiting them that I had arranged to attend the Abigail Mill Workshop that I mentioned in a previous post.

Abigail was a delightful teacher and she gave us all invaluable help while taking our first steps to making a freehand embroidered project.

Capturing the image in fabric......

I had decided to try and put together an image of the chalet we lived in when we were in Switzerland.  It was such a lot of fun choosing the fabrics and then adding in the freehand machined stitches. It is a long way from finished but I am very pleased with how this is looking so far.  I am not sure how long it will be until I get it completed as I am not very good with getting the perspective right, so there will be a lot of playing with more fabric and stitches before that day comes!!

Busy adding some stitching.....

There were two other lovely ladies, Brenda and Sarah, also on the workshop and below you can see us at the end of the two days with our works in progress.  I had a great time, it was a fabulous workshop!

Brenda, Sarah and me....

I also had the opportunity to buy a couple of Abigail's beautiful kits, which I hope to be able to make up.  Her fabulous book has some lovely projects in too which I now feel more confident to try.

After the workshop had finished I met up with my youngest daughter and my sister for a delicious meal at a local restaurant and then it was time to head home, taking my daughter with me!

On our return, we had a celebration for my husband's 60th birthday.  All my immediate family were there and we had a lovely day out on Saturday enjoying a scrumptious lunch followed by a trip to the theatre.

This week it is back to normality and catching up with some of the household chores!!


  1. Love your house that you are building--
    I want to do one for my dream cottage!!
    glad you had a lovely trip with great memories-
    enjoy the moments, di

  2. Thank you for telling us about the workshop - how I wish I could have been there because what you're doing is just what I have dreamed of. I've wanted to try creating (or recreating) abandoned barns in fabric. Sounds like you've had a marvelous week, capped off by a birthday party (best wishes to your DH, btw).

  3. Glad you had such a lovely time at the workshop. It was great to meet up with you both. xx

  4. This looks fantastic! (And I love the projects Brenda and Sarah are creating, too.) Happiest Birthday wishes to your husband!

  5. Looks fantastic - but don't leave it too long before finishing!

    1. Thank you Lynda! It was such a lot of fun and I do want to get the embroidery finished... just feel a little bit daunted by it since I got home! Have a lovely week! Christine x

  6. Oh, that looks and sounds great! Love your first attempts and I am sure it will look wonderful in the end (for me it does already). Sweet meetings and celebrations with family, I wish you many more to come.
    Hugs, Martina

  7. Nice things were created it that class, I like it when I can make something from a picture, the chalet looks very realistic and I like the texture on the mountains!

  8. Ooo liebe Christine,
    das hört sich ja ganz fantastisch an und dein Chalet wird der Hammer!!! Ich bin wirklich total begeistert.
    Da hattest du aber wirklich eine sehr sehr Stress lastige Woche, mach langsam, es kommt sowieso keine Fee vorbei, die die Hausarbeit für dich erledigt.
    Liebe Grüße

  9. Wow sounds like you had an amazing time. Your quilting looks amazing!!

  10. Hello Christine,

    Happy Birthday to your Husband

    Dein Schweizer Haus gefällt mir sehr, ich bin so gespannt auf das weiterarbeiten
    Ja es ist doch schön so ein schönes essen und treffen mit den Töchtern
    Ich wünsche Dir eine wunderschöne Woche
    Liebe Grüße Marika

  11. What a nice and beautiful idea,
    memories for later in a lovely quilt :0))

  12. Sounds like a lovely time.
    Precious moments with your family are worth a lot.

  13. What a fun workshop! A great time creatively and with family!

  14. The chalet building looks pretty challenging but lots of fun! Glad you had a great time sewing as well as some family time--happy stitching!

  15. It looks like you did have lots of fun! So glad to read that! Looking forward to see your top finished, I love your choice of motif ;-) Have a nice week! Ariadna.

  16. How wonderful to attend such an exciting workshop....I can tell you were inspired! Your chalet design is going to be such a special quilt! Lovely that you had happy family times too. Happy Birthday to your husband!
    Helen xox

  17. Hi Christine oh boy what a wonderful class,i love your project and i look forward to your progress with the kits.
    Happy birthday to your hubby.

  18. Christine, bravo! I love to see your progress. I've been waiting for blogger to fix why I couldn't reply at my own blog nor could I comment on blogs for about half a year now. Lovely work!

  19. What a great class - wonderful to see what you are all making!

  20. Sounds like you had a great week! Your house is looking lovely. Perspective - so hard! That's why I stopped trying to paint. :(

  21. Liebe Christine,
    da hattest Du aber eine wunderbare Woche. Schöne Quilts sind da schon entstanden. Das die Perspektive schwer ist, kann ich gut verstehen. Der Quilt sieht schon richtig plastisch aus.
    Liebe Grüße

  22. That looks like a fun workshop! I have never made a quilted piece from a picture, but I would love to try sometime. Have fun working on it!

  23. Looks like you had a wonderful time! It's always fun to get together with other crafters and learn new things. Your quilt is so pretty!


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