Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Progress on my wool projects.....

It has been so much fun to work on the wool projects that I showed you last week.  Since that post, I have finished embellishing the butterfly block which forms part of the Craftsy Class by Sue Spargo.

I am really pleased with it and I am looking forward to starting another block and learning some more stitches.

I have also finished positioning the wool circles on the background of what will be my 'Circles' wool quilt (inspired by some of Sue Spargo's beautiful work)  I am excited now to add some embellishment to them.

The colours are very pretty (I am not sure this photo does them justice) and, I have found (in among some other sewing things) some perfect threads to use with them.

Looking forward to showing you some more progress on this project very soon!!


  1. Hi Christine,wow the butterfly looks amazing and boy cant wait to see your circles embellished,well done.

  2. That is one beautiful butterfly, have fun with the wool circles, they already look good the way you layed them out.

  3. Very pretty! You always choose such soothing colors.

  4. Your butterfly is the great! Can't wait to see the Circles completed

  5. Your flutterby looks great - and I can't wait to see where you take your wool circles!!

  6. What a stunning block! Well done. Looking forward to seeing your circles piece progress.

  7. Wunderschön, schade das mein Englisch nicht so gut ist, sonst würde ich mich glatt auch bei Sue Spargo anmelden!
    Weiterhin viel Spaß beim nähen und
    liebe Grüße

  8. That butterfly is just lovely!! I came across a book of Sue Spargo the other day and reminded me of your projects... Although not my style of work, it's absolutely stunning what can be achieved by combining wool, fabric and embroidery! Have a nice week!! Ariadna.

  9. Liebe Christine,
    das ist ja wunderschön. Dieser Schmetterling ist wirklich sehr schön. Leider ist auch mein Englisch nicht ausreichend für einen solchen Kurs.
    Toll auch Dein Quiltingprojekt. Sehr, sehr schön.
    Sei lieb gegrüßt


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