Thursday 25 May 2017

Free Motion Quilting and Beyond!

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I had been at a free motion quilting course in my local area at a studio called In Stitches.  The workshop I attended was called 'Free Motion Quilting and Beyond' and was held over three consecutive Fridays.  It was extremely interesting and I learned a great deal about the design and construction of an art quilt.

Terry and Hazel, the lovely ladies who run the workshop are very talented textile artists and allowed us to take photographs of some of their fabulous quilts (shown above).

The workshop started with us making three different sample squares with the same applique designs on each.  We then tried differing approaches to quilting them so that we could see the effect this had on the look of the applique.  Here are my three samples and I have indicated below each how I quilted them.

Sample One: The applique was fused and the shapes
quilted over with an all over pattern

Sample Two: The applique was fused and the shapes 
finished with outline quilting.  The background was then
quilted around the applique shapes

Sample Three: The background was quilted first.  The
applique shapes  were then fused.  Extra quilted details
were added to the applique shapes.

The second day of the workshop we concentrated on working on a much bigger quilt (1m x 1m), dividing it up and quilting the different sections with different quilt designs and different threads.  

On the last day we were shown some paint techniques which could be used to enhance our quilting.  The only detail I have to show you of this are the tendrils on my last pumpkin sample which I enhanced using 'inktense' pencils which I set with textile medium.  It did make a big difference to the look of the tendrils making them stand out much more.

I also added a lot more detail to my quilt which I still need to finish.  All in all, I had a marvellous time and my head is now full of lots more quilting ideas!


  1. Die Quilts sind ein Traum. Tolle Werke. Aber du kannst aus deine Quiltergebnisse sehr stolz sein! Ganz großes Lob!

    Gruß Marion

  2. Sounds like you had a good time! It is interesting to see the three different ways of putting together the sample squares. I have some Inktense pencils but I didn't realise you could use them on fabric. I hope you enjoy using your new=found skills! xx

  3. I keep meaning to use my inktense pencils - thanks for reminding me. Your free motion is beautifully neat!!

  4. Oh, that's interesting seeing the different ways the pieces look with different quilting techniques. You really get to see what's possible. The 1m by 1m practice looks great.

  5. Hi Christine,wow your FMQ is amazing and those quilts are mini quilts are amazing xx

  6. Your fmq is beautiful! What a terrific class , sure would gain a lot of knowledge, I'd love to attend a class like that .

  7. What fun Christine! Don't you love it when a class inspires you and makes you want to do more!

  8. What a fun experience you had at the workshop! Your quilting samples are so pretty.

  9. Sounds like you're enjoying yourself, Christine. xx

  10. That sounds like such a fun class! I think making several of the same quilt and doing different quilting on them is a brilliant idea--I may have to try it! Your quilting is looking wonderful--I can tell you were enjoying the process. Happy stitching!

  11. looks like a really interesting course. Your FMQ looks perfect to me!

  12. This sounds like a very inspiring and creative class, I'm glad you enjoyed it and have lots of new ideas Christine!
    Helen xox

  13. Wow, Christine! That looks such fun. I'm glad you shared all the pictures, they've given me lots of ideas. Your 1m practice piece is so neat! Especially loved the tendrils!
    Barbara x

  14. This looks like it had to be so much fun! Interesting to see all the different quilting patterns and the effect you get with just quilting (not that there's any 'just' to it - it looks complicated!!).

  15. Beautiful work, Christine! It sounds like a great class. I love all things pumpkin - including your fantastic pumpkin block. The inktense pencils did a great job with the vines.

  16. Liebe Christine,
    ich kann nicht verstehen, warum mir dieser schöne Post von dir, bisher entgangen ist. Was für ein toller Kurs, ich bin fast etwas neidisch, deine Ergebnisse können sich absolut sehen lassen!!! Du entwickelst dich in deinem Schaffen immer weiter und dies ist absolut positiv gemeint.
    Liebe Grüße


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