Thursday 18 May 2017

Week 83: Beaded Oyster Stitch.....

This week's stitch (week 83) for the TAST Challenge hosted by Sharon Boggon at Pin Tangle is the Beaded Oyster Stitch and you can find Sharon's tutorial for it here.

I really enjoyed learning the oyster stitch in an earlier week of TAST and I was very happy to have another chance to add a row to my sampler, this time enhanced with beads.

I used cotton perle (8) thread in a light lilac colour and added white beads between the stitches.  I gives a really pretty effect.  I am really enjoying how this sampler is starting to fill up too!

Don't forget to pop over and have a read of the latest TAST 10th Year Anniversary Interviews being posted by Sharon at Pintangle.  This week's interview is one I had the privilege to give! Thank you for the opportunity Sharon!  You might also like the chance to see more about Sharon's lovely new book too!


  1. Congratulations on the great interview! It was so much fun to learn more about you and your work. Oyster stitch has, until now, not been one of my favourites, but I like it much better with the addition of beads.

  2. Lovely stitch and such a pretty colour!

  3. Gratuliere zu dem tollen Interview. Deine Arbeiten sind aber auch ganz wunderbar.
    Liebe Grüße

  4. This is a very pretty stitch. I am a purple girl so of course I love the color of thread you chose. : ) Thanks for sharing. Janita

  5. Hi Christine this is such a pretty stitch ,love your work xx

  6. Your beaded oyster stitch looks very nice, love to see this sampler growing stitch by stitch. I enjoyed reading your interview at Pintangle.

    1. Thank you Annet! I really like adding the new stitches each week! Christine x

  7. This is a lovely stitch in a gorgeous colour. Love how the new sampler is coming along.

  8. Another beautiful block! I really enjoyed reading your interview on Pintangle, too. :)


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