Monday 9 June 2014

A little owl key charm....

For some little while, I have had my eye on a project pattern which appears in a book I own called 'Stitch it for Spring' by Lynette Anderson.  Lynette is another Australian designer that I greatly admire and I have a number of her patterns and books.

'Stitch it for Spring' is one of my favourites as, I love the little owl that appears in some of the designs.  It was one of these cute little owl projects that I decided to make this weekend.  I didn't have exactly what was needed to complete the 'Night and Day Charms' project. I didn't have the plastic domes listed but, I improvised but replacing them with a circle of card covered in batting for the front and a yo-yo for the back.  

I traced the owl embroidery pattern onto a square of cream fabric and then fused some interfacing onto the back.  It didn't take long to complete the stitching.  Then, I cut out the embroidery as explained in the book and placing the batting-covered card into the middle of the cut fabric on the wrong side, I gathered the edges of the fabric round to the back and fastened it off.  I made a yo-yo from the backing fabric and sewed it onto the back (gathered sides together) to finish it off. I added a loop of cord between the two layers as I sewed them together to make the hanging loop. As I had decided not to add the extra decorative yo-yos that are shown in the book, I added a little extra colour to the embroidery design by adding some berries along the branch where the owl is sitting.

He is a very cute little charm and I now have him attached to the key to one of my cupboards.


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