Monday, 11 August 2014

Have new magazine, will travel!

I am not really very keen on travelling.  That is to say, I like the place I am visiting when I get there but, I don't always enjoy the actual journey.  One of the things that helps me overcome my anxiety is, when I am able to buy some beautiful new magazines to read.  That is exactly what happened this time I was away.

I found two fabulous quilting magazines in the newsagent's shop before getting on my flight. The first is called 'Beginners Guide to Quilting' which, although I am probably not technically classed as a beginner anymore, has some cute little projects inside and, I just couldn't resist!!

The second is called 'Pro Guide to Quilting'.  This has some stunning quilts inside which made me want to head straight for my sewing machine!!

The magazines are published by Future Publishing who have a whole range of crafting magazines for sale through My Favourite Magazines.  I have already picked up some tricks and tips reading through them quickly and I know that I want to make some of the projects. I think I may start with this one....


  1. It's nice when you find a magazine with projects you want to try. I am looking forward to seeing what you do xx

    1. Thanks Janet! The little sewing purse is really cute and uses a technique I don't often use so I am keen to try it!! :) xx

    2. These look great magazines Christine-like you I just want to try everything! Even seeing a simple idea can offer inspiration. I do like the look of the smaller projects particularly the hexagon needle case-great way for showing hexies off. With a holiday next week I shall be seeking out more magazines...xx

    3. Thank you Alison! I hope you find some lovely magazines and have a wonderful holiday!! xx


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