Tuesday 14 February 2017

Catching up with some TAST stitches.....

I know I mentioned that I would not necessarily be following all the TAST stitches published by Sharon Boggon of Pin Tangle this year but, I belong to the TAST Facebook group and every week when I see all the beautiful examples of the published stitch I am itching to give the new stitches a try.

I also still had quite a few spaces to fill on my sampler, so I thought I would add a few of the stitches that have been published so far this year.  I have added a link to each of the stitch names which will take you to Sharon's great tutorials for each of them.

The first of these was 'Magic Chain Stitch' which is a really fun stitch to work.  I used cotton perle (8) in blue and pink to work this stitch.

Week 70 was 'Fancy Herringbone Stitch' which was also fun but, I should have read the tutorial properly before starting as I worked the little holding crosses with the vertical bar on top rather than the horizontal bar which gave me a few problems with the threading.  I decided not to take it out though and will just live with it as it is on my sampler!  I used blue cotton perle (8) thread for the base herringbone and holding crosses and variegated fine silk thread for the weaving.

Week 71 was 'Alternating Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch' which I really enjoyed.  This is such a useful stitch and quite easy to get the hang of once your get a rhythm going.  I stitched my sample using variegated fine silk thread. 

Week 72 (the current week) is 'Basque Stitch'.  I really loved this stitch.  It is one I hadn't come across before but it was quick to work and gave lovely results with the variegated fine silk thread that I like to stitch with.

My sampler is looking a lot fuller now and I think it may be time to make it into another picture to hang with it's sister on my sewing room wall.

It is a special year for TAST this year as it is ten years since Sharon first published this series of stitches.  To celebrate, Sharon is publishing a series of interviews with stitchers who have participated from all around the world.  The first two interviews have already been published and you can read them on Sharon's blog here and here.  It is great fun to understand the creative process of other stitchers and what stitching means to them, so the interviews are well worth reading.


  1. Toll sieht das jetzt aus!

    Gruß Marion

  2. Your samplers are so pretty! And
    thank you, Christine, for telling us about your experience stitching these TAST stitches ..... it's really helpful! I must try that "Magic" stitch soon, and I had already seen Sharon's basque stitch and decided I want to stitch that too! I must get my cottons out again soon!
    Barbara x

  3. Wow Christine you are amazing all the fancy stitches look fantastic,i am enjoying your progress with them,well done.

  4. Wow! It is so beautiful and what a wonderful record of a whole series of stitches. It will look wonderful with its sister on the wall.

  5. So langsam wird es auf Deinem Sampler ganz schön voll! Und es sieht sehr schön aus.

  6. Ich bin ja ein absoluter Fan von deinem Sampler, die Idee beide Sampler einzurahmen und nebeneinander in dein Nähzimmer zu hängen finde ich Klasse!
    Liebe Grüße

  7. The sampler is just gorgeous Christine and every stitch is so much prettier with the thread you use, wonderful work.

  8. Amazing! I love it! I'm sure it will look fantastic once framed! Best regards, Ariadna.

  9. More fun stitches--your sampler is looking great! I'm very intrigued by the magic chain stitch--I'm going to try it out. Last year, a friend taught me the basque stitch and I use it a lot--so useful and fun to work up. Happy stitching!

  10. All beautiful but I do love the Basque stitch. Good for you for leaving in the "mistakes", although they are still gorgeous to me. Shall we expect to see an interview with you?

  11. Christine I imagine your stitching samplers are especially beautiful close up. I am hoping to do more embroidery this year. I already finished one project! I used the basic back stitch... Keeping it simple for now : ) I really need to check out Sharon's blog. Thanks for your encouragement today at the Girlfriend Gap. I look forward to seeing what you do with your Splendid Sampler blocks. Can't imagine a life without sewing. Janita

  12. Nice additions to your sampler - both of them are so pretty and perfect additions to your sewing room wall.

  13. I enjoyed watching this sampler grow, it's gorgeous. I'm looking forward to see the shapes in your next sampler.

    1. Thank you Annet! It has been great learning the new stitches! Christine x

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