Monday, 27 February 2017

A few more circles.....

It was a quieter weekend for me this weekend.... not so much going on, so I had time to finish three more circles on my wool project and now have six completed.

I am really happy with how this project is looking and I am having such a lot of fun choosing the embroidery stitches to embellish each circle.  The first of the latest circles was decorated using silk boucle thread which I couched to the outer edge of the largest circle. Next, I used a variegated perle cotton and the Italian knotted border stitch on the blue wool circle.

White seed beads were added to the edge of the inner purple wool circle using a beaded coral stitch and purple wool thread. The fabric circle in the middle was edged with tiny fly stitches and the centre was decorated with buttonhole filler stitch both using variegated fine silk thread.

The next set of circles was decorated a bit differently.  The outer edge of the larger wool circle was embroidered with Italian knotted border stitch in variegated fine silk thread. The edge of the inner wool circle was highlighted with stem stitch in purple coton a broder and then the centre of the fabric circle was embellished with pistil stitches of varying lengths again in the variegated fine silk thread.

Finally, the last new set of circles was decorated with beaded whipped chain stitch on the outer edge of the larger wool circle.  The large circle was then embellished with seed stitches in variegated perle cotton thread.  The smaller wool circle was edged with Basque stitch in variegated fine silk thread.  This same variegated thread was used to stitch a circle of bullion knots on the fabric circle with a small star of straight stitches in the centre. The fabric circle was also embellished around the edge with colonial knots in white coton a broder.

Looking forward now to getting the other six sets of circles embellished!


  1. You're making quite a collection of circles! They all look lovely xx

  2. Hi Christine,wow these circles are pretty,well done.

  3. They look so pretty. How many will you make?

  4. Liebe Christine,
    wunderschön sind deine Kreise! Welche schöne Unterschiede alleine durch die verschiedenen Stickstiche entstehen, dass ist schon sehr interessant!
    Liebe Grüße

  5. They really look great! I love how much effect these little stitches add to the work!

  6. Die Filzkreise sehen sehr schön aus zusammen, es macht bestimmt viel Spaß zu sehen wie sie fertig werden. Stich um Stich kommt Dein Projekt zusammen.

  7. They're all so pretty! I keep saying that I want to try this, but I'm in love with applique at the moment, and have no time for anything else! LOL! Do you know there are people out there who have NO hobbies? I can't find time for all of mine.

  8. Love your circles and am looking forward to your next set. I agree with Sunny's comment above - I don't understand what people that have no hobbies do with their time!

  9. I had to enlarge the photo of your first circle to get a better look at the very center--amazing! I love seeing the stitches you put together so wonderfully!

  10. Christine, Your stitches turn these little circles into works of art. Amazing.! Your floss collection is extraordinary! Do you have a favorite floss?
    Thanks for your kind words at the Girlfriend Gap today. You are a blessing. Janita

  11. Why, when I see these, do I immediately start craving cake? Beautiful circles!!

  12. These are so much fun! Beautiful stitching, Christine.


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