Sunday 19 March 2017

A lovely weekend....

This weekend my sister came to stay with me and we have had a really lovely crafting weekend.  My sister does not sew (well, she has completed a few hand sewn projects over the years) but her main pastime (when she is not at work) is making greetings cards, so when she comes to stay we usually have a lot of fun trying out a few card-making projects.

This visit was no exception and I managed to make nine cards which I am really pleased with. 

I started with the tree cards.  The trees were stamped onto a piece of card and then again onto four different pieces of printed paper.  The tree shapes were then cut out of the printed paper and glued into place on the stamped image on the card.  Four pieces of the same printed paper were then glued onto a card base to make a frame behind the focal image of the trees and the card with the trees was then glued into place on top of the frame. They were a lot of fun to make and all four cards were made using just four 6 x 6 inch pages of printed paper and some card.

Next were the owl cards.  These were lots of fun.  The images were stamped and coloured and then mounted onto base cards which were decorated with pretty printed papers and a few little brads.

Another card was made very simply by masking off the bottom half of a card and stamping flowers and foliage along the top of the mask. A piece of green ribbon was added underneath the flower garden and finally a greeting was added to finish it off.  Most of the stamps and papers for the cards above came from Gina K. Designs and inspiration was drawn for the designs from StampTV.

For the last cards we made we tried out a 'sunburst' design.  This was a lot more difficult to get right than it looks but, I am fairly happy with the results. The inspiration for these cards came from images on Google.

Thank you Janet for a lovely weekend!  You can see some of my sister's beautiful card designs over on her blog 'Cards, Cats and Coffee'.


  1. Beautiful and inspiring work Christine. Great to have quality sister time too!

    1. Thank you Chrislyn! They were a lot of fun and it is always nice to get together with my sister! Christine x

  2. It was a most enjoyable weekend and you made some lovely cards!! Thanks you xxx

  3. Your cards are so nice Christine, love the tree one.

  4. So much creativity here. The cards look beautiful.
    I will always love Snail mail : ) Janita

  5. Wunderschön! Die Karte mit den Bäumen ist mein Favorit. Meine Tochter bastelt auch Karten. Für mich ist das nichts...

  6. Tolle Karten habt ihr gemacht. Und gemeinsam macht doch alles noch mehr Freude!

    Gruß Marion

  7. Love these cards. You have done a beautiful job. I also particularly like them as they make me think of patchwork and quilting

  8. Love the cards! I make all my cards, and I'm anxious to try the starburst ones. I keep all my paper scraps, just like my fabric scraps, and this looks like a good way to use some.

  9. Equally as striking as your embroidery!
    Obviously creativity runs in the family : )

  10. Christine how wonderful to have a sister to share crafts with! I bet the two of you are a delight to watch when you're together. ;) Your cards are just darling. You should sell them!

  11. Hi Christine,love your cards,they will come in handy.

  12. Those are lovely cards. What fun to make them with your sister. I love the owls ones especially.

  13. Pretty cards Christine - lucky you to have a sister to play with. I'm an 'only' but am lucky to have a few friends that craft.


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