Thursday 16 March 2017

Catching up on the latest TAST stitches....

Today I have had a chance to catch up with the last two stitches for the TAST Challenge hosted by Sharon Boggon at Pin Tangle. The first of these stitches (week 75) was actually a combination of stitches which forms a 'raised herringbone band'. It gives a lovely finished band of stitches and Sharon's tutorial for it can be found here.

For my raised herringbone band, I started with a satin stitch base worked in variegated fine silk thread.  I then added the herringbone stitches using pink perle cotton (8) and finished by weaving a variegated perle cotton (5) through the herringbone stitches.  I am pleased with the results.

The stitch for week 76 was 'whipped chain stitch' of which there are two versions.  I added a line of both to my new sampler.  Sharon's tutorial for both of these stitches is here.

For the first line I added I stitched the base chain stitch with pale apricot perle cotton (8) and then whipped it using variegated fine silk thread.  In this version of the stitch the whole chain stitch is whipped each time.

The second line is the other variation which whips first one side of the base chain stitch and then the other.  For this line I stitched the base chain stitch with blue perle cotton (8) and then whipped it using variegated fine silk thread.

I am already pleased with how my new sampler is looking.... can you see a design emerging?


  1. Omg Christine the stitches you are learning are amazing,i am so enjoying this,well done.

  2. Great looking stitches. Really love the colours you used in the raised herringbone band. It is so pretty.

  3. I love the thread as much as the stitches! Very pretty. I'm not sure of the pattern yet...

  4. Gorgeous colours and such beautiful stitching Christine! Happy weekend!
    Helen xox

  5. Nice!! Some variations here that I haven't seen before.

  6. So beautiful Christine, what fabric do you use for your backgound?

  7. Das schaut wieder wunderschön aus, traumhaft schöne Garne hast du verwendet!
    Liebe Grüße

  8. I'm forming and idea of where are you going and I think it will complement the other two samplers really well! Regards, Ariadna.

  9. Love the design of your new sampler!

    1. Thank you Annet! That means a lot from someone who stitches so beautifully themself! Christine x

  10. Pretty stitching, Christine!
    The raised herringbone looks exceptional in your colour choices!
    I struggle with satin stitch, and it's a pleasure to see your beautifully neat stitches!
    Ooh, hope you don't mind me asking too, what fabric are you stitching on?
    Barbara x


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