Tuesday 14 March 2017

Two more embellished circles....

I wasn't feeling up to much stitching last week but, I made up for that a bit over this last weekend.  

I finished embellishing two more of my wool felt circle sets.  I have now added stitches to eight of the twelve circle sets and I am really happy with how they are all looking. It was quite helpful to have a break after stitching the first six circle sets as, it has given me some fresh ideas which stitches to add.

Starting from the outer edge, this first circle set is embellished with palestrina knot using a variegated perle cotton (5).  The next stitch in is Italian knotted border stitch worked using a variegated silk thread.  Then follows a circle of Basque stitch worked in variegated perle cotton (12). Finally, in the centre are a few beaded French knots which I worked using the same variegated perle cotton and five wraps of the needle.

This second set of circles is embellished (again starting from the outer edge) with tete de boeuf stitch in pale apricot perle cotton (8).  This is followed by palestrina knot in pale lilac perle cotton(8).  The middle fabric circle has been outlined with cable stitch in the same pale apricot perle cotton (8) and then the centre is decorated with a whipped woven circle worked in variegated silk thread.

It is such fun deciding on the stitches to embellish the circles with and then bringing them to life as you stitch them.  I am really looking forward now to getting the rest decorated and being able to add some texture in the background too.


  1. Hi Christine ,wow they all look fantastic.i am enjoying your progress xx

  2. It really looks so wonderful!
    Hugs Martina

  3. Just the other day I tried to do the palestrina border stitch....maybe I'll try again. Yours look so nice . I get tried of using the same stitches on my work.
    Both medallions are very beautiful.

    1. Thank you Darlene! I found that palestrina stitch was easier when I used a heavier weight thread... perhaps that would help. Christine x

  4. I think your wool felt circles are my favorite thing you've done. I really love looking at each circle to see the stitching and the colors. Such variety and beautiful results. They are like snowflakes - no two alike! :)

  5. These are so pretty Christine, I love the colours you have chosen and the felt circles are a great way to display the different stitches.

  6. Very pretty! Do you decide what stitches to use as you go, or do you have a plan before you begin stitching?

  7. What a delicate work! What are you turning this into? Looking forward to seeing the progress! (and thank you for sharing the details, I love to read what thread you have used!). Regards! Ariadna.

  8. I bet it is hard for you to select the right stitch. After all you know so many embroidery stitches...

  9. Oh, sieht das schön aus.
    Welche Vielfalt an Stichen.
    Liebe Grüße

  10. They are so beautiful Christine, beautiful stitching .

  11. I think this is one of my favourite things you've worked on Christine - I think each circle is more fun than the last.


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